How to Fix an Unknown Error Code 0X80041059 in Outlook

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  • Updated on June 7th, 2020

If you encounter an unknown error code 0x80041059 in Outlook during send/receive and looking for a solution to fix error code 0x80041059 in Outlook  2010, 2016 and earlier version. This blog post explains the secret of how to fix Outlook error code  0x80041059.

Commonly, we encounter many errors in operating the Outlook. One of them is error code 0X80041059. So, if you are facing the same error, then you find out the various methods to fix the error code 0X80041059 in Outlook. Now, move further to have a look at various causes and symptoms of this error.

Reasons for Outlook Error Code 0x80041059:

  • Corruption in PST files.
  • The wrong Outlook configuration settings.
  • Increased size of PST file beyond the limits.
  • In database server connection, the POP3 and Protocol STMP do not work.
  • Inappropriate synchronization between Outlook and the server.
  • Invalid username or password use.
  • Presence of malware or virus.

Signs of Outlook Error Code 0x80041059:

  • It may appear “Error 0x80041059” and crashes the active program window.
  •  The frequent crash of system with Error 0x80041059 during running the same program.
  • The message “Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80041059” is displayed then Outlook not sending emails.
  • Windows operates in a sluggish manner and responds slowly to input devices.
  • Occasionally, your systems do not respond at a time for a few seconds.

Methods to Fix Outlook Error 0x80041059

Let’s find out the various solutions to troubleshoot this problem.

Method 1: Repair Windows Essentials

  1. In Search tab, type Control Panel and tap Enter.
  2. Go to the Programs and Features and find Windows Essentials on the list. Uninstall the earlier version of MS Office.
    Error Error 0x80041059
  3. After the display of confirmation window, choose option Repair all Windows Essential Programs and wait until the process is complete.
  4. At last login to your Outlook account.

In the situation, when the above method fails to recover then you can try the below method.

Method 2: Using the Inbox Repair Tool

You can use the inbuilt Inbox repair tool of Outlook. This tool will perform the scan on selected files to be recovered. After that, it will save the recovered Outlook files at a new location.

Method 3: Resolve System Integrity Problems

  1. First, open the Run Window and type Outlook/safe. And then click on Ok.
    Methods to Fix Outlook error code 0X80041059
  2. After that start Outlook in Safe Mode.
  3. Open the Run window again and type cmd and click on OK.
    Fix Outlook error code 0X80041059
  4. The Command Prompt window will open and type SFC /scan now command and tap Enter.
  5. The system will run a scan for any system integrity issues. If there is an issue is present then it will be fixed automatically.

Above mentioned methods are the manual solutions to fix error code 0X80041059 in Outlook. In case if your problem is not resolved then you can opt for an automated solution that is a repair tool. There is an alternate  Outlook PST Repair tool which is capable to resolve this error. It has many features which make it the best tool. This tool is backed up with a strong algorithm; it scans all the mailbox items present in PST file & recovers them in order.

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