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  • Updated on November 2nd, 2018

This blog discusses the need to free download the full version of MS Access password recovery online tool. We will be discussing why you should buy it, it’s feature and the guidance to use the tool efficiently.

MS Access is basically a database management system(DBMS) offered by Microsoft. It was developed to combine the MS Jet Database and software development tool with a new graphical interface. In simple words, it is a data management tool that helps the user to store information for remark, reporting and examine. It is better than Excel and helps you to govern a huge database. Also, it can import or link directly to databases.

Why We Need to Download Full Version MS Access Password Recovery Tool Online

Although MS Access is developed with futuristic algorithms it is not prone to corruption or damage. The thing is these problems can be caused by hardware or software issue, so you need to be careful while using MS Access. Errors like hardware failure, software failure, multiple users accessing the database at the same time, virus or malware, sudden system shutdown, etc. Fixing the MS Access database is no joke, so unless you are an expert you will need help. And the most effective and the fast way I can suggest is to free download full version MS SQL Recovery free software.

Free Download Full Version MS Access Database Password Recovery Tool

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The premium feature of Full Version of MS Access Password Recovery Tool Online

Some of the features of this tool are as follows:

  • Repair MDB and ACCDB files proficiently.
  • Retains all the data from the database without harming your old data.
  • Recover of OLE MEMO and BLOB data is also supported.
  • Compatible with both data misalignments and header issues.
  • Dual recovery modes.
  • Preview feature.
  • Can be used on any versions of MS Windows Operating System.

Guidance to Download Full Version & Use MS Access Password Recovery Tool Online

Although the tool has self-understanding UGI, but,  if you still need help, follow these steps to recover your files:

  1. Run MS Access Database repair.
  2. Select the corrupt Access database you want to recover.
  3. Select the recovery mode according to the level of corruption of the database.
  4. The file Scanning process will begin and will Preview the file once the process is completed.
  5. Expand tree-structure to preview the recovered files.
  6. Select the objects you want to retrieve and go to the save option.
  7. Define a location to save the new files and start the saving process.
  8. Wait until the process completes and close the window.


I believe now you will understand the value of the full version of the MS Access database recovery tool. So, you are facing some issue with your database use this recovery tool to fix and repair your database.

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