How to Convert OST to EML Manually

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  • Updated on November 22nd, 2019

Do you want to convert OST to EML in order to extract email from OST file to EML file format? If yes, then here is the right solution for you. This blog provides complete manual steps for exporting OST files. 

There are many users who want to switch from one platform to another but it is not an easy step. OST files of Outlook save mailbox items i.e emails, calendars, contacts, etc. whereas EML files save email messages as a dynamic file format. Thus, users migrate from OST to EML file formats.

About OST & EML in brief-

OST- These files are created by Outlook and are referred to as the Offline Storage Table that stores emails, contacts, calendar data, tasks, etc. Basically, when internet connectivity is not available, it helps users to work. When the Exchange connection is back, all changes made by users in offline mode are later saved to the server.

EML- An electronic mail that contains a single email with an attachment. There are many email clients allow EML file to store emails such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, DreamMail, eM Server, SeaMonkey, etc. 

Why we convert OST to EML file format?

Users have many options available to access data from any email client. That’s why everyone wants to transfer their data from one to another email client. Migrating Outlook OST file into EML format is not a single reason. The following are some other reasons:

  1. Crash or Failure: When MS Exchange server attacked by virus leads to an unusable or unexpected crash, system failure and much more. Then no one able to connect to the MS exchange server. These type of crashes becomes difficult to handle and thus create several errors in Outlook profile.
  2. Deletion of Data Accidentally: when data is deleted accidentally from the Exchange server, then by converting OST to EML can recover deleted data from the database.
  3. Data Migration: When an organization plans to shift its location, then users can gain easier access by converting OST to EML to migrate their data from one system to another. 

So these all are the reasons for migrating OST to EML file format. Now, let us move to know the steps to export OST files.

Steps to convert OST to EML-

There are 3 steps as follows:-

Drag and Drop OST File Data to Configured Gmail Account-

Copy or move the OST data file that you want to convert to the configured Gmail account or drag and drop the.

Add the same Gmail data into Thunderbird

Then after performing the above steps, users need to add the same Gmail data into thunderbird. After the conversion process, all the Gmail data now appears in  Thunderbird.

Extract the EML files from Thunderbird

In this, after the above steps, extract the EML files from Thunderbird. But how this conversion process takes place. Let’s see:

  • Choose those emails that you just transfer from Gmail to Thunderbird. You can select all by pressing keyboard keys CTRL+A.
  • Click right-click on the selected emails and press save as option.
  • Then those emails automatically saved in EML file format in the thunderbird.
  • Select the folder to save those EML files and finally, OST files converted into EML files.


  • Choose those emails that you just transfer from Gmail to Thunderbird. You can select all by pressing keyboard keys CTRL+A.
  • Press Right-click on emails >> then choose “Save Selected Message” >> after this select EML Format.
  • Select the folder to save those EML files and finally, OST files converted into EML files.

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So these all are the manual ways to convert OST to EML. The manual process becomes very long in the case of a large amount of data in the OST file. Therefore, a user needs to search for some other solution to overcome this drawback of a manual approach. You can use OST to PST Converter which is one of the best utility to directly export OST to EML files. Also, by this software is users need to migrate OST files into other file formats then it can convert OST to PST, MSG, DBX, MBOX, etc. 

Final Words

We have given all the appropriate measures to convert OST to EML manually and directly. You can go through any of the solutions according to your understanding ability. If you are a non-technical user, then it is better to go with OST to PST converter utility.

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