How to Recover Deleted Videos From PC

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  • Updated on March 7th, 2019

If you have deleted your crucial video and want to restore it back, then this blog will guide you to recover deleted videos from PC. Sometimes accidental deletion of files cause great data loss and sometimes we perform formatting to clean up our messy computers. It could be devastating if the deleted video was your only copy. Well, do not worry at all as this technical guide will help you to get back all your deleted videos.


We generally delete the file using delete key or right-click on the file or folder and choose delete. In such a case, the lost files can be recovered easily from the recycle bin. But when we delete it by using shift+delete key combination it is quite difficult to retrieve it back.

Manual method to recover deleted videos

Recover from computer’s recycle bin

When you have accidentally deleted the video then you can easily recover it by finding the file in recycle bin. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the recycle bin, check if the deleted videos still there, if you remember the name of video then search for it.
  2. In case you do not remember the name of video then look for the file type such as MXF, RM, AVI, WMV, MOV, and MPEG.
  3. If you can find it then select the particular file and click on Restore this item.

What next if you are unable to find the file or this technique do not work, then some recovery software can definitely help you out.

Professional Solution

When all the manual techniques to recover deleted videos from PC fails then comes this third-party solution Aryson Windows Data Recovery Software on which you can completely bank upon. It’s an all-in-one package to solve your every issue regarding Windows data recovery. This software can help you to retrieve all your deleted videos and other folders in just a few clicks. It is capable of restoring your videos from any kind of storage device like SD card, DVD, USB, Physical drives. You can try the free demo version of this tool which can save your recovered data up to 2GB.

Steps to recover your deleted videos

Follow these steps to recover your deleted videos:

Step 1: First of all, click on the Download Now button and launch the Aryson Windows Data Recovery software onto your system.

Step 2: Now you have to select the Volume or Physical Drive. Click on Next button.


Step 3: The Volume information will display on the screen. Click Next.


Step 4: Select Recovery Mode. Click on NEXT button.


Step 5: By now, the Scanning process of selected Disk Drive has been started.

Step 6: When the process is complete. Click on OK button.


Step 7: Choose the destination path or create a path to save the recovered Volume data. Click on the Save button icon.


Step 8: Now click Yes to save the deleted files also.


Step 9: Your data is successfully saved at the desired location. Click on OK button.


Bottom Lines:

Above, I have discussed how can you recover deleted videos from PC. Certainly, the manual technique has been described in detail. Moreover, I have provided the best Recovery Software which will surely help you to get your crucial videos back.

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