How to resolve Microsoft Access Error 2950 (Learner Guide)

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  • Updated on January 18th, 2019

MS Access is a database management system which incorporates relational Microsoft database engine JET i.e. Joint Engine Technology as its primary source. MS Access database makes easier for the user to store bulky information regarding finance.

One can create a highly secured database using this server as it makes use of object-based programming tool called Visual basic Application with its highly intuitive components like ADO, DAO to make it more structured.

However, our main matter of concern is Microsoft Access Errors one of which is this Error 2950.

It bothers when the VBA objects which are programming objects makes space in the database environment due to which it generates an error about the integrity and consistency of the database. Microsoft Access Error 2950 is a common problem which is explained here along with the fixes clearly dispensed.

Why You Need MS Access?

The main purpose of Microsoft Access is to analyze the information which is stored and for the reference of any information using the primary and secondary keys which are an integral part of the database systems.

Adding to this database objects includes fields, columns, rows and store the data in form of records which are used to address or report particular data details.

Why MS Access Error2950 occurs?

The cause of this error happens when the Access Database does not rely on the launched databases as it creates trust issues to the MS Access. It basically occurs when macro calling a VBA runs and as soon as access executes the VBA file, access turns itself into disable mode and does not give permissions for the further running of the executable file.

Common Fixes Used In Error 2950: MS Access


1) By enabling the mode for the current session:

Microsoft Access 2950 Error has easy manual correction steps. If you are using this method then every time you visit database you repeat steps. One should follow the provided steps for rectifying the error in MS Access:-

  • Open the MS Access system software if not opened then look for the message bar provided to the right of the window.
  • Secondly, type option to that bar a message will be popped in the screen.
  • With which in the bottom of that message enable option is dispensed to you so just click to the enable button and use the services.

2) Shift the database position to the trusted location:

Move the current position of the database to new trusted location where you can easily check out. Then look the path for the database.

  • Click on MS Access button-> Access options -> Trust center -> Trust center settings.
  • Note the new path location of database, add to the provided space and specify the new address to your system.

                                               Figure 3: Searching for trust  locations

Better options for recovery:-

One should always look forward to the suitable options provided. Irrespective of the formats like earlier versions of mdb files and advanced versions of accdb format files. Its user-friendly user interface and latest features has made it quite demanding in the market.

For now, if you are having a good technical background then you can go for the best suitable manual mechanisms. So I have an easy and the most hands-on tried software used by several users for correction of the files.

Just to kept it simple a technical person can have better sound on these terms. They is usually familiar with the occurrence of such errors specially Microsoft Access macro single 2950 Error. If you are a beginner I would suggest Aryson Microsoft Access repair tool to fix the errors.


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