Two Free Methods to Remove Password Protection from PDF File

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  • Updated on March 13th, 2019

Fed up of searching for various methods to unlock PDF file, then your search ends here. In this article, you will get to know the two free methods to remove password protection from PDF File.

As PDF files are compatible across multiple platforms, it is the most preferred way to transfer documents that can be shared across multiple computer platforms. The main idea behind the file format is to enable all the users to be able to open, review and print the documents saved in it.

Why PDF files are password protected?

Keeping in mind the threat to security, there is password protection on PDF files. This is done in order to prevent them from being opened, edited, and printed without the proper authorization. So, here in this article, I would be depicting the best ways to unlock secured PDF file.

Methods to remove security from PDF file

Method 1: Unlock PDF file by printing it to a new PDF

This method proves to be the most convenient way to remove password protection from PDF file. Here, in this method you just need to print it into a new PDF. By doing this, it will create a duplicate PDF which does not have any password protection and you can easily access it without any password requirement. You require any web browser for this method. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: First of all open any of your browser and go to the Download section of the browser.

Step 2: Now select the PDF file from the Download section if you have downloaded it from the same browser. Click on it to open the file.

Step 3: Then you have to open the file and provide a password it requires. Click on the Print option on the PDF toolbar.

Step 4: Now on the new window that appears click on the Change button then check the box Save as PDF. After that click on the Save button.

Soon you’ll see a prompt to choose a file name and location to save the duplicate file on your computer.

Step 5: Give the file name and the location. Your duplicate file will be saved at the defined location.

To see the duplicate PDF file go to the downloaded folder in your computer and open the file. Now it will open the PDF file without any password inquiry.

Method 2: Remove security from PDF file by using the Professional Tool

If you want to completely eradicate PDF password protection then I recommend you to go for PDF Unlocker. This tool is capable of removing security from PDF files so that you can easily open the file. It causes no alteration and changes to the original PDF file. To use this tool click on the Download Now button.

  1. Launch the PDF Unlocker software onto your system.

2. Select single or multiple PDF files.

3. Click on the Next button to explore PDF file description of your PDF document.

4. Then click on the Next button to show the output of the PDF file description.

5. Select the destination path where you want to save the unlocked PDF file.

6. Now click OK to unlock your PDF file successfully.


Above I have provided the top free methods to remove password protection from PDF file. You can try the manual method given above if this does not work then you must opt for the professional solution. Hope it helps you to unlock secured PDF file.

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