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Nowadays, there are many free data recovery software available, which can help you recover deleted files. But, there are only few ones which gives recovered output in minimum time. In this post, you will see 10 free data recovery software for Windows which are designed to recover deleted files from external drives ( USB drive, hard drive) and SD card. And, some of them do partition recovery also.

Although it is suggested to have a backup of files, but, it is seen not many users do not follow this tip due to lack of time or in a hurry forget to have a backup of files. There are scenarios when hard drive also gets corrupted or damaged. At that time having a free data recovery tool is the best option.


Full-fledged solution to fix documents, files, music etc. By using it, user can retrieve data from damaged disk too. In a very lucid way it gives recovered output, as it is equipped with advanced mode. Also, it provides an option to delete files completely.

Disk Drill

Previously, known as Pandora recovery, this recovery tool is an best option if you are an regular ipod user. Then, this recovery tool is an best option. As, this easy to use software can restore data ipod too. Along with it user can restore data from internal as well as external hard drive.

EaseUS Data Recovery

Best thing about this tool is that it does partition recovery too. And, if your device is built on ios platform, then you can recover data from there too. In other words, this recovery tool is a complete solution to do data recovery in all major platforms: Windows and MAC.

Wise Data Recovery

You can save your lot of time by using this instant recovery tool. As, this free utility is equipped with recoverability column, which presents the likability of recovering any file. So, in case there are less chances of recovering any file, this file will indicate that too.

Aryson Data Recovery

This reliable tool, is an handy solution if you are looking for restoring multiple files in one go. Along with it, it provides an option to recover data from corrupted hard drive too. And, if there are less chances of recovering any file, then try advanced RAW recovery mode which is an best option to fix any severe issue.


This tool is a perfect solution for any novice user. As its self-explanatory features makes it very easy to use. User can fix the boot sector as well as deleted partition table too. It is designed to recover data in several platform: Windows, Linux and Mac.

Undelete 360

If you are looking for a data recovery tool which takes less storage space and gives you instant solution. Then, this recovery tool is the best option to restore different file format like GIF, JPG, DOC, AVI etc. And before, doing data recovery, you can have a preview of files via hex viewer.


One can do smooth recovery via this file recovery software. As, it is compatible with different file format such as FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32, FAT 64, NTFS. And, best thing about this tool is that it supports several image, document, email and database format too


All in one solution to restore deleted files in all popular OS: Windows, Linux, Mac. You might find recovery process of this tool, bit tedious. But, it is a perfect choice to recover more than 440 different file format. This one is highly compatible with all NTFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS+, ext2, ext3, ext4.

MiniTool Partition Recovery

In case, you have lost entire partition, then this recovery tool is the best option to fix it. As its advanced features enables users to quickly scan and fix the entire partition. And, without any interruption it gives you desired result in all Windows editions.


These are 10 free data recovery software for Windows available in the market. All of the are highly efficient, which delivers desired result in minimum time.

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