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Summary:– We will talk about professional and risk-free ways to Import MBOX to Outlook 365. Users can use any suitable methods manual and professional. In this article you will learn some methods that will be more relevant to Import MBOX to Office 365. Nowadays, the MBOX is one of the most popular file formats that many people use to store Mailbox items. No doubt we have different cases where users require to Import MBOX to Outlook 365 email application 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019. Tech users want to convert MBOX to MS Office 365 because it is an amazing feature users can access from anywhere. That is one of the biggest reasons that make it a popular choice among its users.

Before going with the methods of Open MBOX file in Outlook. We must know the reasons behind converting MBOX to Office 365.

Reasons for Importing MBOX Files into Outlook

We can face different reasons to Migrate MBOX to office 365. Office 365 security and features are very high in comparison to MBOX. Outlook has a user-friendly interface and also comes with an excellent GUI.

  • MBOX is a dependent platform.
  • There are file locking problems in MBOX.
  • MBOX is prone to corruption.
  • If the MBOX file is oversized.
  • It can not load emails.
  • In case of accessing MBOX file.

In the above we have gone through various reasons to Import MBOX to Outlook 365. Now we will discuss methods that will be very beneficial and reliable for users. Users can use suitable methods .

Manual techniques to Import MBOX to Outlook 365.

Now we are going to learn manual procedures to convert an MBOX file to office 365. Follow the Procedure carefully.

  • Open the Thunderbird email client and configure it with your Gmail account.
  • Make a new folder in the Thunderbird application where you want to add emails that you want to open in Outlook.
  • Choose emails that you want to open in Outlook. Forward them to the new folder. (Note: You can drag and drop them to a new folder, else use Move to.)
  • Open Outlook and choose the emails you want to add to the Outlook.
  • Move the MBOX files to a new folder in Outlook. Using this way, you can view these files in the new folder.

Limitations of Manual Procedures 

Follow the above method if you wish to use a manual method. It is time-consuming. If you are aware of the technical knowledge One of the biggest problems with manual methods is loss and corruption of data. We may face problems if the MBOX file is oversized. So you must use an automated and professional method to Import MBOX to Outlook 365.

Follow the Automated and Professional Method to Importing MBOX files into outlook.

We have seen a manual procedure that performs Importing MBOX files into outlook. But it is not recommended for large-sized data with various mailboxes, and you are not able to drag and drop each file. It requires a technical method.

Some Reasons to Follow an Automated and professional Method to Import MBOX to Office 365.

  • This method has the capability of importing mailbox data from MBOX/MBS/MBX files of 20 renowned email applications such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Poco Mail etc.
  • If you use this method you are able to move all emails metadata to Office 365, It maintains the integrity of the same. With the help of this procedure users have a filtering option that segregates items prior to importing. You are able to filter out the mailbox data such as date range, from, etc.
  • Using this tool you can preview the entire mailbox data prior to exporting to office 365. This tool helps you authenticate the items that are exported.

Importing MBOX files into outlook

  • Open MBOX emails to preview attachments as well.

import mbox to office 365

  • Hit on the next button to Import or migrate MBOX file.

Migrate MBOX to office 365

  • Now you have to select office365 with the Impersonation option then enter Admin User Id and password.

Importing MBOX files into outlook

  • Press on the bellow next button and wait for the authentication.

 Open MBOX file in Outlook

  • Now click on the Extract button and wait for the completion process.

How to open MBOX in Outlook


In the above article, we have discussed both procedures Manual as well as the Professional. There are some limitations to performing manual methods. The manual method needs technical knowledge to convert the data. We request you to use an automated and professional method to Import MBOX to Outlook 365. The professional method comes with amazing features such as user-friendly interface and graphical user-interface and no technical requirement is needed.

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