How to Recover/Change Outlook PST Password Right Away in Easy Steps

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Summary: If you want to Remove Outlook PST Password if you forgot and do not know how to Recover the Password from a PST file? Here is the proper process for changing the Outlook PST password from the Outlook data file step by step. Outlook data stored in a PST file can be protected by applying a password. This password is typically set to avoid access from unknown users. Suppose, you have saved your data in a PST file that is accessible to everyone and someone steals it from your system, then he/she can access all the data if the file is not protected. This would then be a loss of information. But, if it is secure, that user cannot access it until the correct password is entered. Even the unauthorized user cannot change or delete it without knowledge of the old password of the PST file. Therefore, it is better to keep a protected PST file as a prevention measure. Conversely, a user setting a PST file password is sometimes required to modify or recover the password. Circumstances can be any. So, through this article, I will be discussing ways to recover and change Outlook PST passwords. Let’s start. Download Now   Purchase Now

How to Change the Password Of Outlook PST File?

If you know the old password then it is easy to change the PST password. How can you do this in MS Outlook? Follow the below steps:

  1. First, open the MS Outlook application. Click on the File Tab >> Account Settings, then click Account Settings again.
  2. Now, in the opened dialogue box Account Settings, click the Data Files tab. Choose your Outlook PST file and click Settings.
  3. A dialogue box named Outlook Data File will open. Click on the Change Password.

Note: The change password option will not appear in the case of an OST file used by servers or applications such as Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, etc. 4. You can create a new password for the PST file in the Change Password dialog box. Enter the old PST file password and then enter any desired new password for the file to confirm it again. Hit OK. Therefore, your PST file is now protected with the password you have selected. It will ask for the password, whenever you try to access your PST file. This is convenient if you note your password for future use. Note: If you want to remove the Outlook PST file password, enter the old PST file password and leave two spaces blank for the new password and verify the password section. Then, click OK.

Steps to Change Outlook PST Password Instantly

For Outlook 2003 and earlier versions, there are inbuilt scanPST.exe and pst19upg.exe applications to remove passwords from PST files. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, download & install and applications from Microsoft website.
  • Then, perform scan and repair PST file using the scanPST.exe application
  • Now, run the Command Prompt as an administrator. Execute the following command:

C:\backup\pst19upg.exe -x C:\backup\outlook-copy.pst In the above command, C:\backup is the pst19upg.exe location.

  • In order to create a password-free PST file at the same location, execute this command:

C:\backup\pst19upg.exe -i C:\backup\outlook-copy.psx

  • After that, do repair on the newly created password-free PST file.
  • Next, copy the password-free PST file to the original Outlook PST file location.
  • Finally, the PST file can be accessed in the Outlook application.

However, this process is only for PST files of older Outlook versions.

Recover Outlook Data File Password Using Professional Software

Another situation can occur when the old PST file password goes away from the user’s mind. In such a situation, Microsoft does not provide a solution and whenever a user tries to access that PST file with the wrong password, an error occurs.  It says “The password you typed is incorrect. Retype the password ” The most important way to solve the problem of changing the password of MS Outlook PST file is to use professional software like Aryson Outlook PST Password Recovery tool. This software is used to change or reset the password of a PST file. The tool supports resetting the multilingual password of protected PST files and helps to remove passwords easily from Outlook PST files. Moreover, the software permits users to unlock ANSI and UNICODE PST files of MS Outlook.  It changes the previous password from the PST file and creates a new password for opening the file. You can also go for the demo version for a free evaluation.

Wrapping Up

The Outlook PST file can be protected with the desired password but in some circumstances, the user may have to change or remove the password from the Outlook PST file. This is possible manually in the Outlook settings if the user is aware of the old password.  But if the old password is unknown, they can take the help of the PST Password Recovery Tool for secure password recovery within a few clicks. It can be changed at any time, even if the file is encrypted or corrupted. Therefore, you can go for professional software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the default password for Outlook PST file?

Ans – PSTs do not come with a default password. The symptom you describe indicates that something went wrong during the copying process, either on the source or destination system. If you have access to the original PST, try copying it again, making sure nothing is running on either the source or destination PC at the time.

Q. How to change the PST password without Outlook?

Ans – Make use of Aryson Outlook PST Password Recovery software that easily changes or reset the password from the Outlook PST file without the Installation of Outlook Apps.

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