How to View or Open MDF File without SQL Server

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  • Updated on October 13th, 2021

MDF – It stands Master Database File that stores all the main information of the database in SQL Server. When the MDF file gets corrupt then user have the challenge to open or view them on the Windows platforms without SQL Server. But, lots of methods paly vital role in viewing or opening an MDF file for users that is recommended by experts. We discuss in this blog about more feasible methods for opening or viewing the MDF file without SQL Server.

Introduction About MDF File

Let’s start with the brief description of the MDF file. The MDF file is the primary database file of SQL database server. This file has the schema and data. These include startup information. However, you want to view MDF file but you are unable to do so. So, you are searching the solution for how to open SQL database MDF file. Before moving to the solution, you should know about the root causes of this issue.

Root Causes for Unable to Open MDF File

It is quite worthy to know the causes of not viewing the MDF file by which you can take care in advance to protect it from this situation. The main root causes are as follows:

  1. Failure of Hard Disk

If your hard disk fails which contains the primary database data then this may result in a condition in which you are unable to view/open MDF file. Thus, the overuse of hard disk from a long period of time for the different queries makes it inoperative.

  1. Power Failure

Due to the sudden power failure, certain data is not saved. This leads to modification in the data, like some important data may delete or change. Further, the original data got damaged.

  1. Attack of Virus

The risk of virus attack is always there. We all know how the virus affects our data. So it’s better to keep your data protected from the viruses.

To come out from this situation, you have to restore the data of your database. So let’s have a look at these.

Checkdb Command for View or Open MDF File without SQL Server

Follow the Given Steps to MDF File Opening or Viewing:-

  • You can run CHECKDB command to examine the integrity of the database, and it will repair the issue if find so.
  • First, try to run REPAIR_REBUILD command to fix the database.
  • In case the REPAIR_REBUILD command is failed then you can go for REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS
  • At last, you can also run REPAIR_FAST which only works for backward compatibility.

Alternate Solutions for Opening or Viewing MDF File

Aryson MDF Viewer is an alternative methods that helps to view or open an MDF file without SQL Server on the Windows platforms. This tool is designed to repair corrupt MDF files. You can also preview the recovered data of SQL Server Database.

Open or View MDF file using the following given steps:

  • Download & Install MDF File Viewer Tool.
  • Click on the Add File button and select the MDF file.
  • Choose the recovery mode options and scan MDF files.
  • Click on the Next button to Open or View selected MDF file.

Open MDF File


If you are unable to open SQL database MDF file it means there is corruption. For this, you have to restore the database data. You can try some commands which are mentioned in the article or opt for the SQL MDF Viewer tool.

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