Why I cannot open pst file of MS Outlook – Solutions

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  • Updated on June 7th, 2020

This blog guides you on the ways to open PST file when MS Outlook cannot open PST file due to large or missing. It also describes the causes regarding this issue.

In Outlook, the PST files play a very important role. These are used to store the email messages and the other items of Outlook which are saved in your system. The PST File can also be utilized to backup or export the items from any email account.

But, the issue arises when you are unable to access or open PST files therefor Outlook not sending emails. In case, you have opened the corrupt PST files these corrupted files cannot be opened. It’s better to know the reasons behind this issue because prevention is better than cure.

Scenarios that Results in Cannot Open PST File

It is clear that there is something went wrong within the PST file that’s why it is not accessible. Due to which you cannot access the other items like contacts, calendar, draft, etc. So, let’s look at the matter what might be the possible scenarios are:

  1. Corrupt PST Files: If the corruption persists in the personal storage folder then it will be prevented to be accessed.
  2. Over-sized PST Files: In case, the size of the PST file exceeds beyond the prescribed limit. Then, it cannot be opened or accessed.

The PST file got damaged due to the various reasons and Outlook data cannot be accessed. The reason may be the accidental shutdown of your system, virus attack, software issues etc. The large size of PST is due to the fact that you keep on adding the items in the same folder. For the precautions, you should avoid the above-mentioned activities.

Now, it’s the time to find out the right solution.

Inbox Repair Tool to Fix PST File When Outlook Cannot Open PST File

The outlook provides its inbuilt utility which is named as inbox repair tool. This inbox repair tool is used to fix the issues regarding the PST file. This is the free tool which is also known as scanpst.exe. Follow the below steps to operate this tool

  1. First, close Outlook application and then open inbox repair tool by typing it into the search tab.
  2. The window of inbox repair tool is opened, click on Browse to locate the files which are to be scanned.

A Direct Ways for Fixing PST File Issue

If the above method is failed to recover the corrupt PST file then you can opt for an alternate solution Outlook Recovery tool. This tool can repair the corruption in the PST files. Moreover, it will recover the emails, contacts, calendars for the further use. There is also no issue regarding the size limit. After the repair process is done you get the solution for cannot open PST files.


In the above section, we have gone through the two methods free tool and a third-party tool. You can try any of these, but in case of critical corruption, the third-party tool is advised.

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