How To Repair DBF File of Visual FoxPro

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  • Updated on December 12th, 2018

Visual FoxPro is a programming language which does not require any other programming environment. Along with it, xBase capabilities of the FoxPro is compatible with most popular database SQL, data manipulation & query. And all the data in Visual FoxPro is stored in the form of tables.

In Visual FoxPro, there is a table file (.dbf file) which consist of a header record and data record. Header record of the table file describes the structure of the table and consist of information related to the table. And data record of the table file consists of the actual text of the fields which follows the header record in the form of a consecutive byte. However, there are times when DBF file becomes inaccessible or gets corrupted.

¬†So, let’s see what are causes behind the DBF File corruption


How to Fix above-mentioned causes:

  • Abrupt system shutdown: It is good to have proper power backup in order to avoid dbf file corruption in Visual FoxPro
  • Virus/ Malware issue: Having an updated anti-virus is always better to keep your DBF files, safe and secure. Because like any other files, they are also affected by a virus
  • Hard drive problem: On a regular basis, you should check your hard drive and if there is any kind of error and fragmentation present in it, then fix it on an immediate basis
  • Outdated version: If you are using an outdated version of any database programs, then it also becomes one of the main causes of corruption of DBF file
  • File header problem: Or might be file header of the Visual FoxPro is corrupted

Usually, error messages appear on users screen whenever there is a problem in DBF File. Some of them are as follows:

  • Invalid database-please validate database
  • Table dbase is not correct
  • File table .dbf does not exist
  • Filename.dbf has become corrupted
  • Memo file is Missing/Invalid
  • Error 1103 or Invalid Seek Offset (ISO) error

Don’t worry if you are a Windows user, you can follow the below-mentioned approach to fix DBF file.

How to Recover DBF File manually

  • You just need to check whether the previous version of DBF file is available or not
  • Launch DBF folder in explorer
  • After this, right click on the DBF and choose the previous version
  • And see whether there is any previous version file available
  • If it is available, then select DBF file and click on Restore

The above-mentioned method sometimes works if you want to repair DBF file manually.

So, it is always good to have a backup of your files because this will help you to fix DBF File smoothly.

Other Tips which you can follow to avoid DBF Corruption:

  • In a systematic way always use your files, means always open and close your files in a proper way
  • And delete unnecessary files from your system

And in case you have no backup then you need to fix dbf file by all new advanced technique, which is dbf recovery software. It is a complete solution to resolve corruption present in your FoxPro DBF files. And, supports almost all database programs such as CodeBase, Arago, dBXL etc.

Salient Features of the Software are as follows:

  • An advanced way to restore database objects such as tables, triggers, indices etc
  • Compatible with dBase II, dBase III, dBase IV, dBase V
  • Enables user to repair alignment of records
  • Can save your DBF File in MDB format

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