How to resolve error 0x800ccc0f/MAPI in Outlook 2010/2013

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  • Updated on October 13th, 2021

MS Outlook is a popular e-mail client software which is owned by Microsoft Corporation. It is extensively used all across the globe for the management of e-mails and its other functionalities.
Setting aside the famous position of the company the software is still having so many issues coming around. Our primary concern is with the send and receive error 0x8004010F outlook.
In this post, I am providing the manual methods to fix these errors along with the alternative method if in case you are not able to solve the situation.
In addition to I am mainly focusing on the Outlook version of 2010 and 2013 in which commonly popped up error is 0x8004010F. This error generally falls when the outlook configuration is not done properly in the initial stage. Somehow the errors can be fixed by the MS office provided tools prior in this post.


Reasons responsible  in Outlook Send/Receive Error 0x8004010F:

Valid reasons causing error 0x800ccc0f are as follows:

  • Connectivity issues There might be low internet speed with which the e-mail client is not able to synchronize with           the Exchange server.
  • Firewall blocks all the necessary outgoing and incoming messages in the Outlook.
  • Outlook profile settings might be wrong which leads to corrupted Outlook profile.
  • Technical issues with the server settings.
    Conditionally if the above reasons are one of your occurred problems you may not only-but also check out the below methods to resolve them.

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Ways To Fix Outlook Send/Receive Error 0x8004010F

I have provided several different methods which will surely help you in respect of the error. Go through them wisely and follow the dispensed steps in order to achieve the best results.

Method 1: Check Connectivity

You must check the connection status while you are working by clicking on the default browsers of the system. If the normal homepage of google website is working it means the connection is normal or else check the next method for fixing the error. In the same way you should understand the basic configuration settings with respect to the exchange server also in order to check the connection.

Method 2: Disable Window firewall and anti-virus

With the working of the windows firewall, one cannot send or receive the message errors will occur.

  • Click on Control Panel -> Network Connections
  • Then click on the internet connection you’re using and select ‘Properties’.
  • Under the ‘Security’ tab, switch off the Firewall.

Once you have successfully cleared all the related pathways then add the POP server name along with the SMTP server          name to the email accounts provided.

  • Select Tools -> E-mail Accounts in the Outlook
  • Click View -> change existing e-mail accounts -> Next
  • E-mail Accounts dialog box will open accordingly Click on Add -> POP3 -> Next.
  • Type the correct information for your POP3 mail server, and then click Next -> Finish
  • Check and correct Outlook account settings for the use.

From this method, you can fix all your error 0x8004010F outlook major problems.

Method 3: Update the profile settings

Check the profile and correct the data provided there.If in case you are not sure whether it is right or wrong then reset the profile settings. Further, update with the necessary provided details.

Method 4: Clear up all the unnecessary outbox e-mails

Using the outbox clearance you can delete the bulky attachments if in case it is still there. For this, you need to look for the “work offline” mode and then simply deleting the heavy mails and then activate the “work online mode”.
With this, try you can fix the error occurred or simply wait for the error message get removed.

Method 5: Configure the Router’s MTU

In a definite period of time duration you should check Maximum Transmission Unit of the router. In order to maintain the outgoing mails you need to check the regular emails appropriately.

Method 6: Start MS Outlook in the safe mode

With the safe mode on the basic settings came into existence with no adds-in installed in it. Like adds-in cause more issues because they need to be purchased by different vendors. So, in the safe mode you should see that less adds-in are incorporated for the smooth run.

Method 7: Conversion of OST to PST

If the above methods are not beneficial to you in any which way then check you should for sure adopt OST to PST converter tool. Consequently it will help you for the correction of the files. As this process easily converts the OST format tool to the PST format without affecting any other content.

Final Thoughts:

Nobody wants to go through the situations where the error comes  while working in the particular domain. I have provided various methods where you can easily error 0x8004010F outlook but it will take yours plenty of time. Howsoever, one should always rely on the better recover options i.e, OST to PST converter. In here it’s easy conversion and user-friendly interface help you in the possibly short duration of time.

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