What to do next If Scanpst.exe fails to Repair PST File Error

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  • Updated on January 19th, 2019

Not any other email client software is widely used as MS Outlook. Several errors in MS Outlook usually occurs due to corruption in PST file or due to the size of the PST file. To fix such error, Outlook provides a program in the form of Scanpst.exe. But, there are scenarios when Outlook Scanpst.exe stops working. You must be wondering then what to do if Scanpst.exe fails to Repair PST File Error. In this post, you will see what usually happens, due to which Scanpst.exe stops working.

Scanpst.exe stops functioning due to several reasons. Some of them are listed below:

Inbox repair tool is designed to fix the undamaged PST file. In case, your PST file has damaged structure then scanpst.exe is unable to fix it.

As scanpst.exe is programmed to fix minor issues present in MS Outlook. In case, if there is a high level of corruption then inbox repair tool will not perform.

There are chances, your PST file is huge in size, which is creating hindrance in the functioning of scan.pst.exe. A smart way to fix PST file error is by managing PST file size.

Or, might be PST file is password protected in Outlook, that is why inbox repair tool, stops working in Outlook

Common Error messages which occur due to PST file corruption:

  • Microsoft Exchange server is unavailable
  • PST file could not be found
  • Data error. Cyclic redundancy check
  • Cannot expand the folder, .pst file cannot be found
  • Errors have been detected in the PST file

How to manually execute scanpst.exe

  • First, of all, you need to close Outlook
  • Click on the Start button.
  • After that, go to Control Panel.
  • Now, double-click on “Folder Options”
  • And, then select the “View” tab
  • Then, below ” Hidden files and folders”, you need to confirm it
  • Click on OK to proceed further
  • Now, double-click on SCANPST.EXE, then click on the browse button to select the corrupted PST file
  • After that click on Start to begin scanning
  • If there are any errors mentioned, click on Repair

Another Approach to Repair PST file

There are chances scanpst.exe fails to fix it. So, at that time what you can fix this issue via PST file repair tool. You can try its demo version, to evaluate its performance. It is similar to its full version.

Salient Features of the tool:

  • Compatible with all MS Outlook versions
  • Designed to fix corrupt PST files
  • Supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files
  • Smoothly works with Non-English characters as well

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