How to Delete all Emails After or Before a Certain Date in MS Outlook

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  • Updated on June 7th, 2020

What is the best way to delete all email messages either before or after a certain date in MS Outlook? Would you like to follow a simple way to avoid all the haphazard or would you like to do everything accordingly? In this blog, I will discuss two ways with which you can wipe all the unwanted emails before or after a particular date in Microsoft Outlook.

As a Microsoft Outlook user, you should know storing too many emails makes it undoubtedly work slower. Thus you are suggested to delete your unwanted or old emails periodically. So in order to keep MS Outlook from clogging, deleted the old emails timely. But deleting each and every email one by one can really become a tedious task, which results in wastage of extra time and effort. Thus, you need a way around that deletes all the unwanted emails before and after a particular date.

How to Delete all Emails Before & After a Particular Date in Outlook

There are two ways to skip all this hard work and delete all the emails in one go.

Solution 1: Delete old and unwanted emails before or after a date by “Sorting”

One of the methods by which you can bypass the long hectic process is Sorting. You can use it sort your emails by date of receiving and then select the mails before or after a particular date to erase them. Follow the guided steps for such deletion:

  1. Open MS Outlook application on your system.
  2. Now select the mail folder from which you want to delete your unwanted emails.
  3. From the Menu bar, go to View and then go to the Reading Pane option.
  4. Click on the Reading Pane and from the drop-down menu select Off option.
  5. Now rearrange all the emails either in ascending or descending order just by clicking on the Received column.
  6. Now select all the emails before or after a particular date.
    “Ctrl+Shift+End to delete mails which were received before the selected date.
    Ctrl+Shift+Home to delete mails which were received after the selected date.”

Solution 2: Delete old or unwanted emails before or after a date by “New Search Folder”

Another way to around to avoid all the lengthy process is by utilizing New Search Folder. Follow these steps to perform the required deletion.

  1. Open MS Outlook application.
  2. From the tool menu, go to the Folder and select New Search Folder.
  3. A new window will appear as New Search Folder, now select a custom search folder.
  4. Now click on Choose, which will open up custom search folder window.
  5. In the new window, mention a name for New Search Folder. Now click on the browse and select the folder from which you want to delete your emails and click Ok.
  6. After this click on the criteria button, this will open a dialog box named Search Folder Criteria.

  7. From the newly opened window click on Advanced tab.
  8. Now go to the field, select all mail fields and last Receive.
  9. Click on condition and choose on or before/on or after (According to your requirement).
  10. Enter a specific data and click Ok.
  11. From the navigation panel, click on New Search Folder and press Ctrl+the emails either in ascending or descending order by clicking on the Received column A to select all the unwanted emails from the folder.
  12. Press Delete to erase the selected emails.

A Direct Ways for Deleting All Emails of Outlook After /Before a Certain Date

Outlook Duplicates Remover is a direct method that allows you to delete all emails of MS Outlook Before / After a certain date. It also creates a new PST file after deleted email in Outlook.

Follows the Given Steps to Delete All Emails in Outlook, After/ Before a Certain Date:-

  1. Download and Install Outlook Email Deleting Tool.
  2. Select the Outlook PST Mailboxes for Deleting Emails.
  3. Open the Selected PST Mailboxes.
  4. Setting the certain date range in Outlook Emails.
  5. Click on the OK button to delete the selected date range emails.

Deleting old emails and attachments from time to time is a good habit, which helps you to keep your mailbox, PST file clean and small in size. Also, it is very known that oversized PST files are more likely to get corrupted or Outlook data file cannot be accessed. So use these above mentioned methods to delete old and unwanted emails. Both of these methods are very easy to follow.

But if somehow your PST files get corrupted you can use Aryson Outlook PST Repair Tool to restore or recover your PST file without any data loss. It can every recovery encrypted PST files in no time. So if you are having some trouble in accessing your PST file then do give a try to this tool.

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