How to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments

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  • Updated on January 23rd, 2019

In this specific article, you may get to grasp concerning a way to convert PST to PDF with attachments. It will describe the entire strategies or ways to convert outlook emails to the PDF file format. But, before jumping on to the ways you ought to know what PST files are and why there’s a necessity to convert this into a PDF file format.

PST File

A PST is a personal folder file in Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook, the storage limit for a single user’s.PST file is 2 GB. PST stands for personal storage.

What’s the reason to convert Outlook email to PDF?

Portability is yet another important feature of any computer file. If the files are portable, you can easily carry them from one system to another via an external drive. But this feature is missing in email files.

If you want to access the email messages you should have Microsoft outlook Client or a PST file viewer. But if you do not have any of these you must convert email messages of PST to PDF file format as PDF files are:

  • Compatible across Multiple Platforms.
  • Provide a lot of adaptability and mobility.
  • The most beneficial for printing purpose.

 Methods to Convert PST to PDF

convert PSt to PDf

Unlike Microsoft office suite, there’s no option to save Outlook email as PDF in Microsoft Outlook client. But you can try some of the given methods:-

1. Use PDF Printer

You can save Outlook email messages of PST to PDF file format by using a PDF printer. It’s a virtual printer which you can select in the list of your printers. It creates PDF files instead of printing on paper.

2. Manual Method to Convert Outlook Email to PDF

  • Open MS Outlook in your system.
  • Go to File Menu in the menu bar and click on Save As.
  • A new pop-up window will appear where users are required to save the file type as a preference.
  • Then choose HTML set-up.
  • Browse and choose the location to save the HTML file and click on ‘Save’ button.
  • Now, open the saved HTML file >> Right click >> Start with Ms Word.
  • Start Ms Word >> Choose the file >> Save as >> select file type as PDF file.
  • Now, open your subsequent PDF file.

Note: When in case your PDF file does not open due to any corruption reason then you can try most exclusive PDF file Recovery Tool.

Professional Third-Party Approach

While converting Outlook email to into PDF document format it is important to consider file attachments and manual methods lacks in handling email file attachments. So, here we need a professional tool which will convert the outlook email to PDF online. Therefore, for the perfect results, you can go for PST to PDF Converter.

It gives you the complete solution to convert as well as to recover Outlook Mail into PDF format. Also, it efficiently handles the alignment errors within PST files during the scanning process. Scanning is done in three different modes: Standard, Advanced, and Deep.

Bottom Lines:

Above, I have mentioned both methods of How to convert PST to PDF with attachments.By using the manual method, you can convert Outlook email to PDF file format but manual method converts only single mail into PDF at one time whereas the professional method will convert the multiple emails into PDF document format.

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