How to Delete Multiple Emails in Outlook Effortlessly

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  • Updated on April 3rd, 2022

Is your mailbox full of junk emails? Want to delete some unwanted emails? If you are considering such questions, you have come to the right place. Here, I will tell you the technique to how to delete multiple emails in Outlook in this blog. It might be challenging or simple to delete unwanted emails. 

The main goal of this blog is to assist Microsoft Outlook email client users in quickly delete emails in Outlook account using a manual technique. The entire post is described into three sections:

1) How to delete specific emails in Outlook?

2) How to delete multiple messages in Outlook?

4) How to delete Outlook emails by date?

3) How do I delete multiple emails in outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the best email service provider for desktop users, and it uses the PST file system to store email data. Because this PST file has a specified data storage capability, the user may encounter difficulties erasing data from Microsoft Outlook. So, without wasting time, let’s have a look at the reasons.

Why Does Delete Multiple Messages in Outlook

  • Unnecessary emails take space for storage.
  • Most of them aren’t necessary, and searching isn’t ideal.
  • Remove duplicate emails from Outlook.
  • Spam or Junk Emails take extra storage. 

There are many reasons to delete multiple emails in Outlook, but few are listed above. Now let’s discuss the best methods to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.

Techniques to Delete Multiple Emails in Outlook

There are different methods by which you can delete all emails in Outlook. You can follow any one of the below methods to delete specific emails in Outlook. But they do not know how to delete several emails at once in Outlook. So, here are some tested solutions that you can try on for mass delete emails in Outlook.

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut to Delete Emails in Outlook

Users can quickly remove duplicate emails from Outlook with shortcut keys. Follow the procedure given below:

  • Open the specific email folder that you want to delete emails from.
  • After that, select multiple or all emails, and click the Delete key to remove them. Or press Shift + Delete keys together to delete all emails permanently.

Method 2: By using the Archive feature

Using the Archive feature, users can delete multiple emails from mail folders in Outlook and store these deleted emails on the hard disk.

1. Click File > Info > Tools > Clean Up Older Items or (File > Info >Cleanup Tools > Archive) to open the Archive dialog box.

2. Next, in the Archive dialog box, follow as the screenshot shown below:

  • After that, you have to check the Archive this folder and all subfolders options.
  • Then, select the specified folder you want to delete emails from.
  • In the Archive items older than box, enter the date that you want to delete emails by.
  • Next, click on the Browse button.

3. In the Open Outlook Data Files dialog box, type a name for the new archived PST file in the File name box, and hit the OK button.

4. Finally, return to the Archive dialog and press the OK button.

So by now, all emails that were modified before the date you specified have been removed from a certain folder in Outlook.

Method 3: Permanently Delete Outlook Emails from Server

In MS Outlook, it becomes necessary to remove duplicate emails from Outlook server. You may come across a situation where you will find out how do I delete multiple emails in Outlook from the server.

It means multiple times from the profile. In MS Outlook, account creation is free, providing limited storage space. Because of this, the user needs to delete all Outlook emails from the server to create more space for new data.

Method 4: Delete Profile From Outlook

The last option is to erase the whole PST file from the system, which may be accomplished by following the instructions below:

  1. First, close the Outlook email client application from the system.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Click on the Mail icon, and after that, press on the show profiles.
  4. Then select the profile and hit on the remove option. 

After deleting the profile from Outlook, the user can remove the associated account .pst file from its default place on your system.

This method won’t help you to delete multiple emails in Outlook account, but to remove a profile from MS Outlook efficiently.

Direct Methods to Delete Multiple Emails in MS Outlook

A way to delete multiple emails in Outlook is Aryson Outlook Duplicates Remover, and it also removes duplicate emails in Outlook with ease. The Outlook Duplicates Remover finds the multiple duplicate emails in Outlook and deletes them according to date and subjects.

What if you receive an error “Cannot Delete Emails in Outlook”?

Well, so far, you have successfully deleted emails in Outlook. But what if the email is corrupted? There are chances that you may get the above error. In such a situation, you can take the help of professional tools like Outlook PST Repair Software to recover data or emails from corrupt Outlook PST files successfully.

The tool can restore all mailbox items such as Email, Calendar, Contacts, etc., in a shorter duration. Additionally, there is no limitation in the PST file size that needs to be recovered. I recommend you try the free demo version of this utility to see its performance.

Final Words

To sum up, various relevant solutions have been described to delete multiple emails in Outlook. Follow the step-by-step guide to doing all the above methods on your own. Also, it will help you manage your Outlook account by removing unwanted emails, and you can only keep essential emails in the inbox to save your time. I hope the article is helpful.

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