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Summary: In this article, we will evaluate free and professional solutions to Recover Corrupted PDF files. The PDF file format is one of the common file formats that most people use widely. People send and receive files daily and most of the time these files are in PDF formats. PDF stands for Portable Document Format which provides compatibility with different Operating Systems. PDF files enable you to view, access and share information about the software, hardware, or operating system. PDF files often face corruption issues. Usually, when a user tries to access a file and fails because of corruption. You may face these problems because of hardware or software modification of a PDF file. We can also recover password protected PDF files also remove password protection from PDF files.

Before talking about methods to Restore Deleted PDF files, First of all, we need to understand the reasons behind PDF file recovery. So below are the reasons to avoid file corruption.

Several Reasons Behind Restore Damaged PDF Files

While working on a PDF document, we often observe many times the file is unable to open. Reasons could be anything given below. Read these reasons one by one carefully.

Improper Shutdown: Due to a sudden power cut or any hardware failure. If the computer turns off all of a sudden, which increases the chance of PDF files corruption.

Virus and Malware attack. Most of the time we face virus and malware attacks. These viruses are designed to corrupt the file systems of your computer or they can damage saved files.

The problem of Storage Media or Hard Disk. If PDF files are stored on a corrupted hard disk or any storage device such as a USB device or social media then we face file corruption too.

Use Incompatible Programs. If you use incompatible software to open the PDF file that can result in corruption.

Issue of PDF File Size. Issue of PDF File Size. Large sized PDFs result in corruption.

Power Outage.  While working on PDF files, a sudden power outage resulted in file corruption.

In the above discussion, we evaluated the reasons to Recover Corrupted PDF files and you must have understood why it is mandatory to restore PDF files. Now we will describe both manual and professional methods of PDF file recovery. First, we will talk about manual procedures.

Follow the Manual Techniques to Recover Unsaved PDF Files

Now we are going to discuss manual techniques. These techniques are given below. Follow these steps one by one.

1.Try to Use Other PDF Reader Utilities: 

If any individuals face trouble in accessing PDF files, before How to repair damaged PDF files check if the problem is due to the PDF reader of the file. Then you can open it with another PDF reader utility.

Go online and search engines will guide you with various PDF readers. Select any compatible and try to open a PDF file in it. If you face the same problem again, try another method to repair the damaged PDF.

2. Restore previous file version:

If you are using Windows10 then you can have the option to restore the previous version of the inaccessible PDF file using an in-built backup utility. To restore the previous version, follow these steps.

  • Choose the location of the corrupt PDF file.
  • Right-click on the corrupt PDF document.
  • Now select Restore previous versions.

3. You can Choose Free Online PDF Repair Software.

To Recover Corrupted PDF files online, you can use various tools . A free online utility that is used to repair corrupted PDF files.

Drawbacks Of Manual Methods to Restore Damaged PDF files

  • We have some limitations in performing manual techniques. One of the biggest problems with manual methods is the loss and corruption of data.
  • It is a time-consuming process. The manual method is not reliable and easy to use for any user. Technical background users are required to use this method.
  • Above we described the manual PDF file recovery methods that are time-consuming and not recommended by any professionals. And it is a risky process to perform. Now we should move toward a more professional and reliable process.

Use Best PDF Recovery Software to Recover Corrupted PDF files

This is a professional and reliable method to Recover Corrupted PDF files hassle-free. This process takes less time and recovers your data without loss and corruption. It is considered to be one of the safe and reliable methods. The user does not need technical knowledge to perform this method. It comes with a lot of features such as a user-friendly interface, and graphical user interface. To check the utility of this software, users can use the demo version.

1. Install Aryosn PDF Repair Software.

Recover Corrupted PDF  files

2. Hit on the Browse Button then choose the PDF file, after that press on the Open Button.

Restore Damaged PDF files

3. After Opening the PDF file, click on Next Button then choose Standard or Advanced mode of recovery.

Restore Deleted PDF files

4. After selecting recovery mode, click on the Next Button then start the extraction process and extract image successfully.

fix corrupted pdf files

5. Now Hit on the Next Button and choose the desired folder to save where you want to save the     extracted data.

Recover unsaved pdf files

6. Now Select the Check Box to save the extracted image.

PDF file recovery

7. Press the Save Button to save your recovered PDF file at your selected location on the local system.

best pdf recovery software

8. Finally Hit on the Close Button to close the application.

How to repair damaged PDF files

Wrapping up:
From the above discussion, we understood that lengthy, tedious, and risky manual techniques could not be the priority of any professional. To Recover Corrupted PDF files in an advanced and effortless way, Aryson PDF Recovery is an advanced and reliable utility that is designed with the latest and smart algorithms. Users can use the trial version to check the functionality.

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