How to reset SQL SA Password – The Ultimate Guide

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As MS SQL server is a relational database management software. It stores data in form of tables and retrieves data with the help of queries. While working on the database we actually tend to forget our password. Again it is not a big deal to lose a password overall it can be recovered by the next user mode. But, what if we do not have any of the other accounts been made. On top of that, the system administrator password also got lost in the shuffle. Reset SQL sa password with the help of these provided methods will surely help you in tackling all your problems. Without reinstalling the MS SQL server or dropping any command I have provided here the methods which will surely be going to help you in this problematic situation.

3 Ways to reset SQL sa password

When the password error pops up in screen it begins to lead a complicated situation. From there we search som many options in order to reset and recover SQL password. Breaking all the norms, I have provided the basic methods which will help you to solve the issues related to the SQL password. By means, if you are not a technical person and coming with command problem you can suit up to the automated option also.

Method 1: Resetting MS SQL Password using CMD

Step1: Open cmd in the start button accordingly run it as an administrator.

Step2: Click yes to admit that the command prompt will run as an administrator.

Step3: Type the first command osql -L for the recovery of SQL password using CMD. Press the enter button.

Step4: Type command OSQL -S server name -E and then press the enter button.

Step5: Type command EXEC sp_password NULL, ‘new password’, ‘sa’.

Step6: Type Go and then press the enter button then type exit then enter to get out from the OSQL.

Step7: Now you are ready to run the SQL server with the new password.


Method 2: MS SQL Password reset Using Windows Authentication

Step1: If Windows Authentication is enabled in your browser then you can simply enter the server and change the password.

Step2: Download SQL server management studio 17.6

Step3: Click downloaded SSMS setup file.

Step3: Simply follow the SSMS installed steps.

Step4: Open SSMS and type SQL server management studio accordingly choose SQL server management studio 17. One can say that this is also a SQL password recovery tool.

Step5: Click Authentication in which you need to go for “Windows Authentication” option in the menu.

Step6: Click on the connect button the expand your folder in the server dashboard by clicking “+” icon.

Step7: In the security, folder expands the “Logins” folder.

Step7: Open system administrator properties and click on “sa”.

Step8: In the same way now you need to type the password into the two text fields provided firstly “password” another “confirm password” in order to reset sql sa password.

Step9: Now click “OK” with this direct submission of the password be allowed.


Method 3: Steps to recover SQL server S.A. password using an automated software

Using this method will give you maximum output to unlock your password as soon as you want. With this software, you will get amazing user experience along with a wonderful user interface. Ordinarily, users do not have so much time spending on typing the commands on visual studio or command prompt. So, they choose the better alternative option which saves time as well as gives the satisfaction of getting the better output.



SQL password of server administrator for the data security is very crucial. As it leads to a very distressing situation. But there’s always a solution to a problem which escapes us from such circumstances. In here, I have provided the best tool from random other software to choose the best.

With the usage of  SQL password recovery you can unlock the user password, next you can try the demo version before actually buying the software. Consequently, It is reliable and convenient to use from which you can easily reset your password. Moreover, you can crack or remove the password from there and change instantly without using complicated commands and other such activities. When you reset SQL sa password by the recovery tool you can easily remove and change the desirable password to new.


Final thoughts:

As there are so many software tools from which you must be doing a hard time to select. I would always say, Choose the wisest from the best. Else if you have good hands on the command type interface you can check out the above imparted manual steps which will surely be going to help you in the best possible manner. Consequently, the Aryson SQL Password recovery tool reset sql sa password is compatible with all the ms SQL versions.  Suppose you ever come across the problem in which your MS SQL server database may get corrupted with some reason. Then you may check out the recovery procedure and proceed the recovery of SQL password.


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