How to Copy Thunderbird to Another Computer?

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  • Updated on October 20th, 2021

Do you want to copy thunderbird to another computer? If Yes. Then read this article to get the proper solution for transfer thunderbird to a new computer.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client used to share personal information details (Send & Receive emails) between one or more email accounts of users and organizations developed by Mozilla Foundation. It contains information such as email, contacts, tasks appointments, and calendars of multiple accounts in them.

Thunderbird provides multiple specifications to the users, such as copy thunderbird to another computer, Spam Filtering, the ability to customize, well-secured data, and dependability to share information. Moreover, it is compatible with SMTP, POP3, IMAP, etc.

But sometimes, users have to change the system or export thunderbird emails. So they have to go through with the option of copy thunderbird to another computer approach to extract email data to a new pc/system. Before going to the solution to copy thunderbird to a new computer, know some reasons to backup or import Thunderbird emails to external hard drives.

Why is it Necessary to Export Thunderbird Emails?

  • Users need to switch to another computer. But, I want to use the same profile on a new computer.
  • Create a new profile already in Thunderbird.
  • None of the Thunderbird account login into the new PC.

These are some reasons that ensure users to migrate Thunderbird mailbox items to the new hard drive. Therefore, To overcome these factors understand the different solutions to copy thunderbird to another computer.

Solution 1: Using the Tools Feature

  • Open your Thunderbird Account on the old computer and Click on the Account Settings option.
how to copy Thunderbird emails to a new computer
  • Now in the Account Setting window, select the Server Settings from the drop-down menu of your account.
transfer mozilla thunderbird to new computer
  • Then in the Server Settings wizard, Option of Local Directory includes the path of the Thunderbird profile.
transferring thunderbird emails to a new computer
  • After that, select and copy the path.
transfer thunderbird to a new pc
  • Now paste this path address in the File Explorer search option and open storage files of Thunderbird.
  • At last copy, the profile folder path on other storage devices such as a Hard drive, Pen drive, etc.

Solution 2: By using the Thunderbird Menu option

  • Open Thunderbird Account and click on its Menu option.
copy thunderbird to a new computer
  • Now, at the Menu of Thunderbird, select Help.
transfer thunderbird emails to new computer
  • Then click on the Troubleshooting Information.
recover thunderbird email from hard drive
  • In the Troubleshooting Information. Click on the Open Folder, which contains the path of Thunderbird folders.
Backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drive
  • After that, copy the Thunderbird folder and paste it to the secondary storage device.

Solution 3: Using Profile Location Directly

The Users can paste the selected path directly on the Windows file Explorer option and get Thunderbird mailbox email data immediately.

how to copy thunderbird emails to new computer

When you obtain thunderbird data files, copy them. Now it is time to transfer this mailbox data to another Thunderbird Account present on another System. Hence, to start this, copy Thunderbird to another computer process. Paste the copy items on some external devices or use Cloud Storage to export data.

Solution 4: Automatically Copy Thunderbird to Another Computer

By performing the above Approaches, users can transfer Thunderbird to a new pc and access them. But in some cases, users have to bulk no of mailbox items or the process gets too much time to compete. Hence to overcome these issues of users, here I recommend the Aryson Thunderbird Backup Tool.

The Software includes the feature to backup or save the mailbox data from the Thunderbird account to the hard drive or PC. It downloads or migrates data into various file formats and email clients such as PDF, PST, MBOX, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, etc.


Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client used to share personal information details between one or more email accounts of users and organizations. After that, understand if users have to transfer their Thunderbird emails to another computer, they have to copy these data and paste it on another Thunderbird account. Furthermore, to perform this process, look at the different solutions by which users can  copy thunderbird to another computer.  If they want to import Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook then they need to migrate the MBOX file into the Outlook account. Thanks for reading this blog.

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