How to Recover Access Database Password- A Complete Guide

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  • Updated on May 25th, 2020

Are you looking for a solution to recover Access Database password? If yes, then your search ends here. In this article, I will be telling the techniques to recover MS Access password. As we all know that Microsoft Office provides a facility for its users to set up the password. So, any other person becomes unable to modify the MS Access MDB file. But sometimes it happens that users forget the multilingual and complex passwords. So in case you are facing the same issue then take a deep breath and relax. Here, I have come up with a solution. So, let’s not waste any more time and just dig in.

Where and How MS Access Stores The Passwords

Before moving to the solution you should better know how Access stores the password. Microsoft Access database store the password by the following regular pattern.

  1. Jet 3: In this, Access database password is saved in the header of the MDB file and the format remains as a plain text.
  2. Jet 4: Here, there is password encryption by an XOR pattern algorithm depending on the data and the times of the file production.
  3. Jet 3&4: In this mode, the password is further encrypted with an XOR pattern affecting the MDB file.
  4. ACCDB files: In this mode, the password is not encrypted as a plain text instead it allocates a new hash value to authenticate the user’s password validation.

If you have chosen these patterns to encrypt your MS Access data then it is quite difficult to crack it. But do not worry there is some software which can do this task easily.

The solution to Recover MS Access Database Password

As there is no direct manual method available to recover Access password and the office password system does not work properly. So there is only one solution you can opt for password recovery and that is to make use of an automated tool. The third-party solution which you can go for is the Access Password recovery tool. This software makes use of the advanced algorithm and lets users reset the original passwords of Access database. The software support passwords of any types like encrypted, non-encrypted, lengthy, jumbled, complex and even passwords with alphanumeric characters. So this MDB password recovery software will ultimately help you to reset your original Access database passwords. You can also download the free demo version of this software.

Procedural Guide to know the working of this software

Follow the below steps to see the working of this software.

  • First of all, launch Aryson Access Password Recovery tool.

  • Now, click on the Open button and select the .mdb file on your computer.

  • Click on Get Info button to recover the properties of a file.

  • Click on the Recover Password button to recover the password of the selected file.

  • Now, click on Copy to clipboard button to copy the password to the clipboard in order to avoid the typing errors while typing the password manually.

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Bottom Lines

As there is no manual solution to recover Access Database password so, I have mentioned one of the best Access Password Recovery full version software to recover the MS Access password. Hope this article helps to resolve your query.

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